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U.S. Deployed Troops Are Let Down by CNN Bias: CNN International Ignores IG Report Hearings

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CNN lets Americas deployed troops down again with their open bias against all things Trump.

If you are a deployed United States soldier or military contractor, you are often exposed to CNN either in a camp DFAC (that’s a dining facility for our non-military friends and chow hall for us old timers), an airport waiting area at a departure gate, or if you may be in an area with a satellite feed. Many times, CNN will be on giving you their version of the news and airing important events. CNN on Wednesday let their bias slip out again. CNN did not air Senator Lindsey Grahams Judiciary Committee hearing on FBI abuses concerning the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation Crossfire Hurricane. Crossfire Hurricane was the code name for the FBI’s illegal spying efforts on then candidate Trumps 2016 presidential campaign as we all can see now from Inspector General Michael Horowitz's recently released Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) report.

CNN is well known for their anti-Trump bias as promoted by their on-air personnel such as the Wolf Blitzer, Jim Acosta, Don Lemon, Van Jones and other left-wing staff. Let us not forget CNN Chairman Jeffrey Zucker who has ordered CNN staff to be 100% anti-Trump with their reporting.

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Every day during the Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler (both Democrats mind you) hearings in the House of Representatives (Congress) with their one-sided hearings on impeachment. I watched as CNN International carried those hearing non-stop and after the hearings were over with their hours of panel discussions from a multitude of Left-wing advocates, never Trumpers’ and Deep State operatives. Yet, when a potentially good news opportunity for the president presents itself, CNN deliberately fails to air it as was the case Wednesday. There is no clearer example of bias than this from CNN.

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Americas finest, our Armed Forces members deserve to see both sides of the story in order to be properly informed about news and current events that may impact their mission, their lives and or their families. When major American news outlets like CNN choose to let their biases determine what they let people see, we all lose, not just our military member serving abroad. Inspector General Michael Horowitz presented his report on the FBI and their FISA abuses to the Senate without favor or bias. Like it or not. He just presented his finding as any good investigator would do. My hat is off the IG for his professionalism. CNN would do better to follow his lead. Wednesday’s hearing was a learning moment for everyone on how to not let you bias over rule you. CNN is at the bottom of the rating as a news outlet. Their ratings are lower then rerun episodes of Dallas. Now, that’s bad! If CNN wants to regain the spotlight again as they had in the past and lose their Fake News moniker, CNN really needs to properly address their bias and return to straight news reporting and leave their biases behind them. Our troops, military contractors and other American citizens watching CNN abroad deserve better than what they are getting right now from outlets like CNN. No wonder FOX News is blowing them out of the water in ratings.

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