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The Thirteen Rules of Chivalry Know as "THE QUEST"

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Everyone has heard of Chivalry, but do you know where it came from? The origins of The Imperial Constantinian Military Order of Saint George. “By tradition, the Orders origin lies in the Roman custom of honoring those who had shown outstanding heroism in battle with a golden neck-chain. After his victory at the Milvian Bridge, Emperor Constantine, whom Orthodox honor as Isapostolos, “Equal of the Apostles,” created a new honor, a golden chain from which was suspended the Sacred Labarum, a symbol with a deep religious significance for Christians. There is also a tradition that during his career as a young officer in Palestine Constantine had met a fellow soldier, Saint George of Lydda, the Great Martyr, in whose memory the first Christian Order of Chivalry was to be named.”

Today the United States Cavalry and Armored divisions take great pride in awarding soldiers the Order of Saint George medallions to armor officers who have demonstrate successful command of soldiers in an armor, cavalry, or reconnaissance units, and enlisted soldiers who have been successfully served as a platoon sergeant, first sergeant, or command sergeant major and have led mounted Soldiers. All Order of Saint George nominees must demonstrate tactical and technical competence at both their current levels of service and those of their subordinates. Today’s awards have their roots of going back to the time of the Roman and into Europe with the Knights of their ears. Knights as well as todays soldiers live by creeds and their deeds. So, when we think of the Knights of old, then knowing the 13 rules of Chivalry is a must.

The Thirteen Rules of Chivalry Know as "THE QUEST"

As referenced from The Imperial Constantinian Military Order of Saint George

At http://www.orderofstgeorge.org/13rulesofchivalry.html

A Knights Musts:

1. A True Knight Must Be A Gentleman, Yet Not Fail In His Duty.

2. A True Knight Must Uphold The Dignity Of Man And Woman,

Remembering That All Are Born Free And Equal In dignity and Rights.

3. A True Knight's Manner Of Living Is An Example To The Young.

4. A True Knight Shall At No Time Act Outrageously Nor Do Murder Or Be

Cruel In Any Way To Man Or Beast.

5. A True Knight Respects And Defends The Rights Of All Men And

Women To Hold And Practice Religious Beliefs Other than His Own.

6. A True Knight Takes No Part In Wrongful Quarrel But At All Times

Supports The Lawful Rights Of All Men And Women.

7. A True Knight's Word Is His Bond.

8. A True Knight Must Be Honorable In All Things And Know Good From


9. A True Knight Must Be Of Modest Demeanor And Shall Not Seek

Worship Of Himself.

10. A True Knight Must Seek Out Such Quests As Lead To The Protection

Of The Oppressed And Never Fail In Charity, Fidelity, And The Truth.

11. A True Knight Speaks Evil Of No Man. A Slanderous Tongue Brings

Shame And Disgrace To An Honorable Knight.

12. A True Knight Never Betrays A Trust Of Confidence Given To Him By A

Brother Knight.

13. A True Knights Must So Order His Life That By His Contribution; The

People Of The World May Hope To Live Together in Greater Peace And


The 13 rules of Chivalry as referenced from The Imperial Constantinian Military Order of Saint George.

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knights & Chivalry

knights & Chivalry

knights & Chivalry

knights & Chivalry

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