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The Best Steak on Yas Island Abu Dhabi, UAE: The Blue Grill Steakhouse Rotana Hotel

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

The Blue Grill Steakhouse offers some of the best cuts of US, Australian, South African and New Zealand beef in all the UAE. Their steaks are cooked to perfection as you wish as well as a fully stocked wine cellar to set off any meal.

If you will be visiting, taking a holiday to, deployed to or working in as an expatriate in the UAE (United Arab Emirates), then a trip to the Yas Islands Rotana Hotel’s Blue Grill Steakhouse is a must.

Everything about Yas Island is designed to give you a great experience and to wake up your senses from Ferrari World, Yas Waterworld, Yas Beach, and even to Yas Mall. They all just keep you looking, doing and knowing that you are in for a good long day. Then after that long day of taking in all the island has to offer, you may want to let the inner foodie in you come out and enjoy a great steak. If so, then the Rotana Hotel’s Blue Grill Steakhouse is calling you.

The Rotana Hotel is on what I call, hotel row on Yas Island, along with many other fine hotels that are on the island. The Rotana is across from the Yas Marine Circuit for you Grand Prix fans out there. Just as soon as you arrive at the Rotana you know you are in for a real treat from the décor to the fabulous views offered from the many bay windows lining the hotel to the friendly staff waiting to assist you.

The Blue Grill opens at 6 pm and serves till midnight with last orders being taken by 11:30 pm, so plan accordingly for your Yas Island steak adventure. The modern décor and lighting that greets you, says, your in for a great dinning experience. The Blue Grill offers some of the best cuts of US, Australian, South African and New Zealand beef in all the UAE. Their steaks are cooked to perfection as you wish as well as a fully stocked wine cellar to set off any meal. If you are not into steaks like I am, then they have many other wonderful dishes to offer, from fresh seafood to lamb and their desserts are straight from heaven. Depending on what activities are taking place on Yas Island while you are there. I would suggest you reserve a table a head of time. You can do this easily from the hotel’s website.

The steaks at the Blue Grill are aged to perfection, cooked to your wishes and seasoned by the masters in the kitchen with its bay windows that offers you a view of how your steaks are prepared. The atmosphere of the grill is simply wonderful, the service is great, the wines are excellent, and the staff caters to your ever need. It is indeed an excellent dining experience. One that you will not soon forget. In my many travels around the world, the Blue Grill steaks are never far from my thoughts of great dining with family and friends. The prices are what you would expect for a fine dining experience, cost upwards of about 100 US dollars, or 375 UAE dirhams. Our meal was just under 550 dirhams or 146.00 US dollars for the two of us, my wife and me. We both had great steaks, a nice bottle of wine and their too die for desserts, Who can ask for more, great food at a good price, is there anything better?

So, if you will be anywhere near Yas Island in the UAE, then the Hotel Rotana’s Blue Grill is the place to go and let that inner foodie come out for the best steak on Yas Island. You won’t regret it at all. We at militaryshoutout.com hope you get to enjoy a great dining experience at The Blue Grill, and as always-

“Happy trails my friends.”

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Blue Grill Rotana Yas Island

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