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President Wins Big as Pelosi & Dems Blew it With Silly Impeachment & STOU Antics

President Trump and Vice President Pence

The Commander-in-Chief has had a super grand slam week of wins while Nancy Pelosi, Democrats and Mitt Romney all lost due to their silly antics and their own hatred of a President that works hard for all American, our great military everyday and of course the people that voted for him in 2016. They have let their hate override their common sense. That is, if they ever had any?

Not many presidents have a week like our Commander-in-Chief, President Donald J. Trump just had. Most presidents would be lucky to get more than one or two wins in one week, for that matter, if they were like President Obama, they would be lucky to get that in one month or longer. Well, our Commander-in-Chief just had one of the best weeks any president could ever ask for.

The President racked up an impressive slate of wins this week to the astonishment of his enemies in Congress, the DNC and Mitt Romney.

President Trump Wins this Week 11 and 0:

1. The House Democrats, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler and DNC pushed and failed with their partisan impeachment when the President was acquitted on two non-Constitutional impeachment articles. The Democrats failed to get a two-thirds votes needed in the Senate trial to remove a sitting President.

2. The Presidents signed the USMAC trilateral trade agreement. The agreement puts the United States on a more level playing field with trade between two of our largest trading partners, Mexico and Canada. d leadership of the Obama Administration. The President celebrated what makes America great, our fantastic economy, the success of capitalism over socialism, our history and our great American military.

3. The President delivered one of the best State of the Union addresses in the history of State of the Union addresses. The President hit on how America is back in the game and winning again after the failed leadership of the Obama Administration. The President celebrated what makes America great, our fantastic economy, the success of capitalism over socialism, our American history and our great American military.

4. Nancy Pelosi made herself look extremely bad to the point of looking like a spoiled brat in front of the nation during the State of the Union address by the President when she ripped up her copy of the State of the Union speech at the end of the STOU address by the President. She sat there during the speech with a sourpuss expression on her face for the whole STOU address. It was a clear case of spoiled bratness on Pelosi's part.

5. Democrat made themselves look extremely childish during the State of the Union address by the President. Democrats would not applaud any good economic news, the great unemployment rates for all Americans, the helping of a young black girl with a school scholarship, the awarding of honorary stars to a 100-year-old black Tuskegee airman or much of anything else the President had say in his address. They came across as hateful and childish. Many of the Democrat women that attended the STOU were dressed in white so that it made them look like a batch of sad chickens lined up at the local processing plant waiting to become chicken nuggets for Chick-fil-A. They would not even applaud when the President addressed the amazing unemployment rate for women and the outstanding number of women in the workforce now that he is President. Sad!

6. The President is at the highest in the polls as he or any other president has been at this point in their presidency.

7. There was very low Democrat voter enthusiasm in the Iowa caucuses and the Democrats and the DNC had a massive failure in the Iowa caucuses with their attempts to manage the Democrats caucus with an app developed by Hillary Clinton allies.

8. The DNC is in shear panic mode with the thoughts of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, or Pete Buttigieg winning the Democrat nomination to run for President because they know that none of the three can win against the President this November.

9. The DNC were actively working this week to rig the Democrat nomination Bernie Sanders and his supporters again like they did in 2016 with their backing of a New York liberal, Mike Bloomberg because they will not have to spend their limited funds supporting as they cannot keep up with the Presidents in his fund raising efforts.

10. The stock market went on an upward tear because of the news that the President was going to be acquitted in the Senate, because of the measures that the President has taken on the coronavirus spread and the rise in profits for companies like Apple, Tesla and other tech companies.

11. Mitt Romney showed his true colors at the end of the impeachment trial when he voted against the President and sided with the Democrats partisan impeachment of the President. Romney proved to the country why the President was right when said Romney was a weak loser.

When the President of the United States, all Americans win and the country wins. The President had an outstanding week of wins and let’s hope that he continues to win for all of us.

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