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President Trump Delivers the Best Veterans Unemployment Rate in the Last Two Decades

Under President Donald J. Trump, it’s a great time to be a United States military veteran right now. The United States Veteran’s Unemployment Rate just hit 2.9 Percent for December 2019. The best veteran’s unemployment rate in almost the last two decades, since the year 2000.

Sorry about the absence folks, but I took a few weeks off to go on R&R in the Philippines, but I am back now, and I’m wired in and ready for whatever comes our way.

If you have not heard about the great news about the December veteran’s unemployment rate dropping from 3.3% to 2.9%, then you would not be alone. Being an election year, you will hear very little good economic news from media outlets like CNN and MSNBC until after the general election this November. That is because they don’t want you to know how great the U.S. economy is doing right now and that it is a direct reflection of the wonderful job the President has done over the last 3 years with the economy. They will say anything, omit anything and do everything in their power to dissuade you from supporting the President this November. You can even bet your last dollar, that when the President wins re-election this fall, that they will still only report good economic news with great dread. On the other hand, any bad economic news will get blasted out with trumpets for days in hopes of turning you (our military members and veterans) away from your support of the President. No wonder the President and millions of other Americans and veterans call them the “fake news.”

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What the fake news outlets do not understand is that our military members and our veterans can see right through their lies, BS and misreporting. That we as either members of the military or veterans have very good built-in BS detectors. Not sure about your BS detector, but mine has been going off for over the last three years with of the hate Trump BS put out by the left-wing media outlets like CNN. Then we also have the power of the internet and how it lets us get the truth about what’s really happening from other sources, other than the CNN clowns and the rest of their kind. It’s not like the days before the internet was invented by the idiot Al Gore (just kidding) where you could only get your news from a handful sources, and those sources were pretty much all slanted the same way (liberal). Now you have thousands of sites to turn to for your news, information and commentary. Commentary like this blog gives you.

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The United States economy is on fire right now and times have really never been better for veterans, workers and families. Wages are rising, unemployment is low, low even for non-veterans. The unemployment rates for all Americans is down to the lowest levels in decades and for many, the lowest levels in history. Especially for black, Hispanic and Asia Americans. Heck, we even have one plus million more jobs than job seekers. That is just amazing.

Wage growth for the low-end wage earners is rising, rising faster than the wage growth on the upper end of the scale. Our energy sector is taking over the world again now that we have become a major exporter of gas and oil. Coal and steel are returning, and manufacturing jobs are returning. Heck, the President must have used a magic wand to bring back manufacturing jobs like the U.S. former President Hussein Obama said he would need to bring back those jobs. The President has cut burdensome regulations on businesses and we all got a tax cut. The stock market is almost weekly hitting new highs, our 401K’s are better, and we are 100 times stronger on the world stage then we were before the President took office. That is in due to a large part of the Presidents efforts to properly help refund and rebuild our military and his not being afraid to stand up to those taking advantage of us. ISIS is all but destroyed, two major terrorists have been taking out and Iran is still in a stage of shock and lost at the red light. Man oh man, it doesn’t get much better than this folks.

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For the next nine months you will not hear very much of this good news on the economy and you will hear the President being called every bad name in the Democratic playbook in the lead up to the election by Democrats and the fake new establishment. You will hear predictions of economic disaster from the so-called experts like we did in the lead up to the 2016 election, but let your heart not fear, it is all an attempt to stop you and I from supporting the President. The same President who works everyday for all of us for free, as he donates his Presidential salary to charity every month.

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Well in closing, if any of the fake news idiots ever read this (I doubt they ever will), it won’t work on me, millions of other veterans and Trump supporters. We just ignore you when you start flapping your gums about the President. So, give it up. It did not work in 2016, and it will not work in 2020. If you want a model that does work, try telling the truth for a change and put your liberal bias behind you. How about this? Try spending a few days in a military members shoes or a veteran’s shoes. Then you may just find out why we support this President like we do. Well, don’t worry folks, they will never do that. It is beneath them, so no worries out there in the land of the brave.

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