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Our Best Military Shout-Out to the National Guard: Happy Birthday

National Guard Birthday

National Guard Birthday December 13, 1636: The proud man and women that serve in the National Guard are some of the best people in the world. They are not simply weekend warriors. They have shown their metal in conflicts around the world and deserve their day in the sun. They are all great Americans and patriots who take time out of their lives and away from their families to protect and serve all of us. So, we all then need to celebrate with them each 13 December as these men and women celebrate the birthday of the National Guard and the birth of our entire defense network. May Gob always bless them.

We at Military Shout-Out.com want to send out our best Military Shout-Out and a great big “Happy Birthday” greeting to the men and women that serve in the National Guard for all that they do in serving our nation. The National Guard has a rich history stretching as far back as 1636 as our first protectors. A history that you continue to build on every day. Thank you and to all that have come before you. Our country needs you and supports you.

December 13, 1636 is when the American colony of Massachusetts organized our very first citizen soldier militias in the American Colonies. The National Guard is our oldest branch of the military as three militia regiments were organized to help defend the colony. Descendent units of those first three militia units still serve us to this day. The national Guard is a major component of our defense strategy and prove their metal every day.

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Our countries defense is dependent on the service of National Guardsmen across the country that not only defend the nation when called, they also help their states in times of disaster and unrest and even other states when needed. The national guards of every state help their neighbors and not just their own states, but their neighbor states when they are in times of need. I know in my state that the National Guard has helped with hurricane relief too many times and have helped in almost all our neighboring states that are subject to our annual hurricane season down south. Some years are better than others when it comes to hurricane aid in the south. Our National Guard has been there every time they have been called for any disaster, a hurricane, a major storm, after major tornados and other weather events, or when needed even after and even sometimes during and before protesting events or when protestors turn violent as we have seen over the last few years with the violent marches and protests of many hardcore leftist and some right-wing extremist groups that have become violent. We at Military Shout-Out can’t imagine not having the National Guard there when they are needed in these times.

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We at Military Shout-Out just want to say thanks for being there to defend and protect all of us, and for being there when we or our neighbors are in need. So, this December 13th, join us and get out there and show your support along for all of our National Guard members no matter where they are. If nothing else but to just to say “Happy Birthday National Guard” and “thank you.”

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