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Now Confirmed: Nancy Pelosi Lied About Impeaching the Commander-in-Chief

U.S. Capitol Building Falls Under the Dark Clouds of Impeachment

It has now been confirmed by Congress, that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lied to the American and our Armed Forces about impeaching the Commander-in-Chief Donald J. Trump. Nancy Pelosi who once said that impeachment must be "compelling and overwhelmingly bipartisan" totally lied to the nation and our troops.

Wednesday 18 December 2019, the United States Congress confirmed that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi lied to the American people and as such to our Armed Forces members when she said that impeachment must be "compelling and overwhelmingly bipartisan." When earlier this year Nancy Pelosi spoke about impeaching President Donald J. Trump, she stated that she did not think that Congress needed to go down that route and about how it would be too decisive on the country. She said, “He’s not worth our time.” Nancy Pelosi also stated that impeachment would be justifiable if the President did something compelling to rate an impeachment and how that impeachment must be overwhelmingly bipartisan.

Well, as we see now, that was her grand lie to the American people. The House Democrats have spent almost three months trying to invent a case for impeaching President Trump that met Nancy Pelosi’s requirements for impeachment and it all feel apart on them by the end of their rigged impeachment process. Our last two impeachments as a nation of Presidents Nixon and Clinton both took years to develop. Not a few weeks. What was the rush here? Well, the answer is an easy one. They did not want this impeachment to interfere with their 2020 election hopes. What little evidence that was used by the Democrats clearly demonstrates that the House Democrats failed to establish any crime and that is why we have the two weakest articles of impeachment in our history thanks to our House Democrats failures to find even a jaywalking crime here. The Democrats failed to convince even one House Republican to support their impeachment move against a sitting President. The Democrats even failed to convince the American people about their motives to impeach President Trump as all polls right now concerning this impeachment show that the majority of the country is against impeaching President Trump over a Democratic twisting of a phone call between President Trump and the President of the Ukraine. The Democrats held two in their favor committee hearings, super-secret meetings where selective information was leaked and where they failed to produce even one witness to a supposed quid pro quo or any other evidence of a crime for President Trump with or from the Ukrainian president. Most of the witnesses produced were either secondhand witnesses or witnesses who were speculating about a quid pro quo of which they no evidence of or who were just against the President as cross examinations by House Republicans proved.

The Semper Fi-Fund

The House impeachment vote on two articles of impeachment of President Trump fell down to a partisan impeachment vote for the first time in American history. The last two impeachments of presidents were both bipartisan impeachments.

For the Democrats first article of impeachment stating an abused the power of his office by the President the House voted 230-197 to approve that charge. For the second impeachment charge that the President obstructed Congress during their politically biased investigation, the House voted 229-198 to approve that charge. Next will come the Senate Trial once the two articles have been sent to the Senate by the House.

Democrats Give Our Troops a Lump of Coal for Christmas

As it stands at this time, the Senate trial should not last as long as the two-House hearings (that is if Nancy Pelosi has the never to send these two weak article to the Senate)? The House will present it case as weak as it is and the President will defend his position and there may even have a few witnesses called in to testify. This whole process may play itself out over the course of a few weeks following the new year. Given the weakness of the Democrats impeachment case and the there are at this time not enough Republican votes in the Senate to impeach the President. This whole mess should be over relatively soon after the first of the year. Even if it is, the stain of this rushed very partisan impeachment of a Commander-in-Chief will never be washed away and is something that will stay with our troops for a very long time.

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