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News Media and Democrats Failed With their Fearmongering for 2020 Virginia Gun Rally

Second Amendment of the United States Constitution: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

For days upon days before the MLK Day Richmond, Virginia Pro-Second Amendment/Pro-Gun Rights Rally/Protest all you heard from the left-wing news media outlets like CNN and MSNBC, Democrats and the Virginia Governor Ralph Northam was about threats of violence, the attendance of White Nationalist, mad as hell armed militia groups ready to do violence, repeats of 2017 Charlottesville crimes and anything else bad/racist that they could throw into the pot of unrest that they were fearmongering about while trying to showcase law-abiding American gun owners as a bunch out of control armed racists wanting to kill them and everyone else. Well, the day was a total bust for them and the anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment crowd of idiots. The day was just the opposite of everything they were hoping for. No violence, no one attacked, shot, killed, no burning of cars and tires, no smashing of windows, no looting of stores and no one attacking the police. They got nothing like what they were hoping for. It was as if they were hoping for a far-left style rally/protest like the ones we all have seen over the last three years with Left-wing nuts jobs in masks trying to destroy everything in their path. What they did they get instead was 20+ thousand law-abiding American gun owners following the law. They got a peaceful rally/protest where gun owners voiced their opposition to Virginia Democrats all-out assault on the Second Amendment and their rights without any violence. You know the types of violence seen at Democrat rallies/protests. No one bad mouthing the country, the flag, the President or Republicans and no one burning the flag. It was a sad day for them. Over at CNN, it must have been a nightmare for them not seeing violence in Richmond. The CNN Fake News Reporters must be beside themselves with anger that they can’t spend hours upon hours telling us about a bunch of racist, hate mongering idiots that attended the rally and how they destroyed property or how they hurt or killed someone. Man, how must they have cried in their green tea.

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Here is where they went wrong before the rally. They do not understand law abiding American gun owners in the least little bit. They just can understand Americas gun owner. It is beyond their capacity to know and understand us. In their minds, they have a vision of gun owners as mobs of people wanting to shoot and kill anything and everything at the drop of a hat. In their minds. that is their vision of law-abiding gun owning Americans they have. In their minds, if you want to own a gun, then you are the problem, you are the freak, you are the issue. Not the criminals that use guns to do bad things and kill people. When was the last time CNN celebrated a gun owner that stopped a crime with his own gun or defended their own life? In the lead up to the Virginia pro-gun rally they have proven once again that liberalism is a disease of the brain that clouds critical thinking or as Michael Savage says it “Liberalism is a brain disorder” which liberals prove every time they go one of their all-out assaults on the Constitution in the form of the Second Amendment and other God given rights. It was very much like their lies about the President in their partisan impeachment. They look for the worst in people that they disagree with and then set out to prove just how bad we are for owning a gun or supporting a President who works for us for free.

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As an 18-year old joining the United States Army, I took an oath to support and defend the United States Constitution form all enemies and then again, every time I re-enlisted. It is an oath that I still live by today and as we all know, the Second Amendment is a part of that Constitution whether the Left-wing media, Democrats and other likeminded fools know it or not.

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