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New Democrat Ad Lies to Our Troops: Their Commander-in-Chief Does Not Support Them

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Military members and veterans know who has their backs in Washington and a new Democrat fake news ad that tries to separate a popular in the ranks President Donald J. Trump from two of his most ardent supporting groups, the men and women of the United States Military and our veterans is not going to work. Americas finest knows that it’s a great time to be a United States military member and a veteran under their Commander-in-Chief, Donald J. Trump.

77-year old, super rich, never been in the military Democrat billionaire Michael Bloomberg thinks he can sperate President Trump from our military members and veterans with a new campaign ad that has been released nationwide on Thursday, claiming that their Commander-in-Chief has treated some military leaders badly. Bloomberg is hanging his hat on an excerpt that the Commander-in-Chief somehow attacked a few military leaders in a briefing by top military leaders with the President by calling them “a bunch of dopes and babies” as a new book by the Washington Post's Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker has purported to claim. Anyone with more than two active braincells must ask the question, what are the chances of us just now finding out about these comments just before the 2020 election? Can you say slim to none?

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We, however do know that there is a history of the Washington Post attacking the Commander-in-Chief and that there is no love lost between the President, Jeff Bezos and the staff of the Washington Post. Next, we also know that people will write and say just about anything against the President to sell books as we all have seen over the last three years that have turned out to be 100% made up BS. Is that the case this time?

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It would be a good guess that Michael Bloomberg, Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker have no clue about presidential history with conflicts between the Commander-in-Chief and top military brass. This is nothing new in our history, just read about the conflicts Abraham Lincoln faced with his military leaders during the War Between the States. Look at how many times tempers flared, the words that were said back then and how many military leaders he had to fire in order to find a leader who would do what he wanted. That makes what Bloomberg, Leonnig and Rucker are saying looks very petty in the big scheme of things. They are also are probably just as ignorant about how the military works and who the military works for. The military and military top brass answers to the President of the United States. They work for the President, not Congress, not the idiots at the Washington Post and certainly not a rich billionaire like Michael Bloomberg who has never given the military the time of day and has no clue about serving in the military. It gets no simpler than that.

The Bloomberg ad states that the President explodes in a briefing and attacks war heroes in the briefing with the words that they are a bunch of “losers and a bunch of dopes and babies,” and that those in the room had risked their lives for our country. The ad goes on to say that they are attacked by an arrogant and out of control president. The ad also says that “arrogance, ignorance, chaos. enough. America needs a steady leader who will honor those who serve.”

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Well, maybe Bloomberg is not aware of how the President is received by the men and women in ranks of the military, our military cadets, our veterans and our great American wounded warriors when he visits them. He is greeted by cheers, smiles, salutes, warm handshakes and chants of USA and four more years. Military members and veterans know who has their backs in Washington and this Democrat fake news ad by a clueless billionaire is not going to separate a popular in the ranks President Donald J. Trump from two of his most ardent supporting groups, the men and women of the United States Military and our veterans. Americas finest knows that it’s a great time to be a United States military member and a veteran under their Commander-in-Chief Donald J. Trump who supports and loves them completely. This ad is not going to resonate with them at all. Now, there are those in the top ranks of the military that it probably will. You know the types. The LTC Vindman and other military officers with deep state or Democrat ties. Then there is as always, the arrogant military officer types that thinks they know better than the President, you or me. They will fall for it hook, line and sinker like 2-year-olds.

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Bloomberg is spending millions of dollars in advertising for his presidential campaign to get him into fourth place among the rest of other Democrats running for president this time around. He is trying draw a contrast between himself and President Trump, but this is one ad that is going to hurt him with military voters and veterans that who can easily see right through Democrat BS and lies like no other voters can. President Trump is very popular with the troops and veterans across the land and the only person who can change that is the President, not another super rich Democrat with visions of the presidency in his head and his BS ads.

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Michael Bloomberg recently (3 Jan, 2020) answered a questionnaire from a Military Times reporter Mr. Leo Shane III where he wrote and where he was unchallenged by Mr. Shane that “The U.S. military is a professional, disciplined force, but I don’t think that President Trump has treated it as such,” and that “he has ignored the advice of senior officers, overruled commanders’ advice on military punishments and made strategic decisions that have abandoned our partners on the battlefield.” If this does not give you a clue into how little Michael Bloomberg knows about the special relationship that the Commander-in-Chief Donald J. Trump has with our military and the respect and love that the Presidents displays almost daily to our troops, then nothing ever will.

Well, to close, all that remains to be said is “I hope you fail Mr. Bloomberg with you BS attempt to separate our troops and vets from their Commander-in-Chief.” “The world is a safer place because of the tremendous bond that is held between the mem and women of the military, our veterans and their President.”

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