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Navy Wins Big Game While the President Wins Cadets Hearts

The Army-Navy Game

Navy wins for the first time in four years while President Trump puts on the show for our military cadets.

With over a hundred years of tradition playing itself out on the gridiron Saturday in front of 70,000 fans and military cadets. The 120th Army-Navy football game lived up to its hype and was a roaring success. It is and has always been a great rivalry between the two military academies over the years, both on and off the field. This year was no less so. The Army Black Knights ended up losing the game 31-7 to the Navy’s Midshipmen for the first time in four years, despite being favored to win the game.

The game got off to a good start in the first quarter for Army when they scored 7 points to Navy’s no scoring in the first quarter, but it all went south from there as Navy proceeded to score 31 unanswered points in the last three quarters of play to win the big game. The win keeps the Navy ahead in total wins between the two rivals.

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One of the two biggest stars of the game was Navy’s Quarterback Malcolm Perry who put on a master quarterback class for the Army’s Black Knights by rushing for over 300 yards on 29 carries and two touchdowns. For the Black Knights, Perry was pretty much unstoppable.

The other big winner during the game was the cadets Commander-in-Chief, President Donald J. Trump. The President capped a good week off by attending one of the nation’s longest rivalries when it comes to football by attending the always fun to watch Army-Navy game as is tradition for presidents to attend.

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To the roaring cheers of the fans and cadets, the President with his signature red Keep America Great hat on that he normally wears, rocked the stadium when he came onto the field wearing it before the playing and singing of the national anthem. The playing and singing of the national anthem by the military cadets was a heart moving event in light of how some other so called athletes have acted over the last few years by disrespecting the flag, the anthem, thus disrespecting our military and veterans by kneeling when the anthem is played. No one dared kneel during this game when the anthem stated. Not with those fired up cadets in the stands. They might have had a very bad, bad day trying to get out of the stadium if they had.

The President had come onto the field for the national anthem and to handle the game coin toss which was won by Navy this year. The President also visited each locker room to the cheers of the players and the coaches. The President also announced that he will be letting those athletes that have a chance to go play professional football the opportunity to do so and make money in the NFL, but that after that they would have to come back fulfill their service requirements. The President made a few jokes with the coaches over this announcement following the cheers of the players.

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As is tradition, the President spent time with each side during the game before departing the stadium during the 3rd quarter to head back to Washington. The President was the star of the game as the cadets and fans loved having him at the game. For Trump voters and supporters, it was a joy to see the love that the military cadets and fans displayed to their Commander-in-Chief. The President was cheered and shouts of “Trump, Trump, Trump!” and “Let's go Trump!” and shouts of “four more years” could be heard coming from the crowd. It is good to know that the President has the support of our military and the support of Americas future military leaders. Despite what you may see happening in Democratic run cities with anarchist in the streets and socialist in the seats of power in those cities. To see the President win one in the hearts and minds of a great new generation of military leaders was 100% refreshing.

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