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Nancy Pelosi and Team Fails to Stop Our Military From Voting for Their Commander-in-Chief in 2020

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Good news for Americas military members. Nancy Pelosi and her handpicked team Democrat impeachment managers Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler and other Democrats who attempted to stop our military members from voting for their Commander-in-Chief this November saw their case for impeachment of the Commander-in-Chief fall apart during the Senate impeachment trial of the 45th President, President Donald J. Trump. Their total lack of facts and evidence took down their own case within a few shorts days of the trials start and the never recovered.

The Democrats partisan Team Pelosi brought their two unproven articles of impeachment to the Senate for the 100% partisan impeachment trial of President Trump over the last two weeks and failed to prove their case. It is as if the Democrat impeachment managers came prepared to play checkers while the Presidents defense team came ready to play chess. They totally destroyed the House Democrats case on day one of their presentation for the defense. The Democrat House managers were never able to regain their footing after that point in the trial. They tried to argue their case with no facts and no fact witnesses. Heck, even some of the non-fact witnesses they cited during the trial were contradicted by other statements they made in their house impeachment hearings. It was like watching the Democrats try to build a house of cards that was just waiting for the Presidents defense team to come along and pull one card out and their whole case, their house of cards just fell apart. At the end, the Democrats tried to get the Senate to do their job for them that under the Constitution. Under the United States Constitution, they should have developed all their evidence and called all their witnesses they thought they needed, but they did not. Instead, they went to the Senate trail begging the Senate to do their work for them and call for more evidence and more witnesses. The Senators wisely voted that down as well, thus setting up the acquittal vote of the President.

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Democrats wanted to try and remove President Trump from office and thus removing him from the 2020 election with their partisan impeachment. The first partisan impeachment in the history of the country. If they would have somehow been successful in their attempt to circumvent the voters and had actually been able to remove President Trump from office, they would have denied millions of military member and veterans from voting for the best president they have had in decades. Adam Schiff, a House Impeachment Manager even said in open forum on the Senate floor, that they (the Democrats) could not rely on the voters of America to make the decision about who will be our next president. That they had to impeach the president in case we the voters wanted to re-elect him as President.

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President Trump is arguably the best president the military and our veterans has had in the last 29 years. The military and veterans now have a president that has their backs in Washington. He has their backs by far better then President Bush ever had. The closest president to President Trump would have been Ronald Reagan in the 1980’s. The last two Democrat Presidents, Presidents Obama and Clinton did darn near next to nothing for our troops and veterans in their 16 years in office. President Trump has done more for our troops and vets in three years then they did in 16 years.

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Barring any unforeseen events between now and the Senate’s vote to acquit the President, the Democrats will now have to face the voters in November. So far all they really have in the way of getting anything done in D.C. is the passing of the new Mexico, Canada and United States trade agreement and their failed half-baked attempt to impeach a president with no evidence of the President committing any Article II offenses. You know, bribery, treason or other high crimes and misdemeanors. They attempted to impeach the very president they the military and our veterans love. That is not going to be a record that they will like running on. Good luck with that one. Good luck winning the military and veterans vote as well. It’s not going to happen. The Democrats have been in control of the House of Representatives for over a year now, and done nothing to help Americas, the economy or the situation of our lower paid troops in the military. All they can do is sit around and flap their lips about how bad the President is while he actually works to make America a better place for all. While doing everything he does for all of us for no pay. How many Democrats would do that? Let me guess here, no of them.

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Nancy Pelosi once said this about impeachment. Impeachment should be "compelling and overwhelmingly bipartisan" the Big Lie. She us gave a partisan impeachment with no facts and no fact witnesses and more division between political parties and Americans. This November, Mrs. Pelosi and her team can expect to pay a heavy price at the ballot box and watch her majority slip away thanks to her leadership and the sham of an impeachment they gave to all Americans, even those Americans who voted for her and the rest of the Democrats. Who will they blame in November? The Democrats or the Republicans? We will soon find out this November.

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