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Nancy Pelosi and Her Democratic Allies Seek a $4500 Pay Raise While Only Giving Military E-1’s $576

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Some of the richest people in the country are Congressmen. One of the richest women in America is Nancy Pelosi who is worth millions and is taking $223,000 dollars a year as Speaker of the House to do nothing for the American people while the President of the country donates his salary every month to charity. She could learn a few lessons for him, that’s for sure.

To be in the United States Congress as a Congressmen you earn as a minimum $174,000 per year, and then, they pay for next to nothing when they are at the capitol building doing absolutely nothing but crying like 2-year-olds about what the Presidents says, tweets, or does, or the others in the opposition party say and do, or whatever little nonsense thing they have to can cry about. Yet, still, they want more while they are doing nothing for the country and doing even less for the military. What a joke they are. They act as if making almost $200,000 a year to work a few days out of the year is not enough when they pay for hardly anything while in Congress and get to waste tax payer dollars on trips around the world where they get to take along family members off the backs of the U.S. Tax Payers. Every time one of those clowns wants to go back to his district, we pay the bill. They get millions to pay for a staff of young people to do their bidding, their research, their reading for them, to write their bills for them and yet, they want more while every E-1 in the United States Military has to exist on $1554.00 a month before taxes. That is the current 2019 military pay scale for an E-1 in the military today. With the 2020 military pay raise that will take effect in Jan 2020, that will only increase to $48.00 per month or $576.00 per year for an E-1 in the United States military.

I would like to see one of those Washington Deep State clowns try to live on a basic salary that low. When you think about it, for what little they do, that might be too much for them. Yes, I know that as an unmarried E-1 that you get a barracks to stay in and 3 meals a day, and if married you get a housing allowance along with a few other allowances. $1554.00 as an E-1 in the United States military comes out to $388.50 per week before taxes. That is a disgrace for a country that pays a useless Speaker of the House and Congressmen so much.

You have the new comers to Congress like the socialist queen AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) that say they want this large a raise to somehow level the playing field for her and others. Level the playing field for who? Let me guess, and it won’t be for you and me or our soldiers. It will be for AOC and others to make a whole lot more than our troops on the frontlines. How about leveling the playing field for our troops that go into harms way while you and your friends sit there in Congress all safe and sound doing nothing and getting paid big bucks for it. I bet AOC won’t like to hear that. The greed of these people like AOC and others in Congress never ceases to amaze me. Our brave men and women in the military deserve more than that “Little Miss AOC, level the playing field.” She must really be as stupid as she seems when you see here talk on the T.V., if she thinks she is going to make me feel bad for her ignorant self.

Democrats and let’s be fair to them when they are not fair to us, there are some Republicans that want to take more for less as well. I think a salary of $174,000 dollars per year as a Congressman is very fair when considering that the average American family is only existing on about 50, to 60 thousand a year and when about 95% of them are already rich as compared to the average working American. Yet, they want more.

Some Congressmen complain that they must keep two residences up. Well, I am sorry to hear about that, but that’s the job you wanted. Next, if you can’t keep two residences up on that kind of money, a $174,000 a year, then downsize like working families would have to do. Better yet, quit and go get a real job and see who will pay you that much for what little you do, do.

Many of them in Congress whine about needing this raise as a way to offset a nearly zero inflation rate. That argument won’t fly with many of us outside the beltway for sure. Some say that they want this to automatically kick in every year and that many in Congress have ditched a raise in the past because how it would be seen by voters of them paying themselves more for what little they do. They use the buzz word “optics” here. The increase they seek of $4,500 wouldn't set in until January 2020. I agree, the optics of them only giving a pitiful $576 to an E-1 in the military does look bad when you want a great big $4500 to do nothing. What legislation have they passed to really benefit working Americans or to give our lower ranks in the military a living wage? Well, easy answer, none!

Democrats say that Congress must have a better reputation and to be a more competitive employer in order to hire and keep the best and the brightest people working for them. Well, if the last year is an example of the best and brightest, we are in bad shape. No thank you!

The vast majority of Congressman are rich, and they no more need the money then a bore hog needs a teat. When you correct the pay of the military and especially those in the lower ranks, I will support a pay raise for you idiots. You can take that to the bank and cash it for whatever it’s worth. Our heroes deserve more that what you think their worth Mrs. Pelosi, Little One AOC and friends. So do the right thing and forget a raise until you take care of our military properly.

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