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Marine Sniper: 93 Confirmed Kills Book Review

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

“They’re VC. Check out the one that just squatted off to the left, just below the rise from the others.” “It’s a woman! She’s pulling at her britches leg.” “She’s taking a piss, Carlos.” Is that her? Is that the Apache?” The Apache was a sadistic female VC leader who hated men and relished in the capture, the torturing of and the killing of American soldiers during the Vietnam War in the bloodiest of ways so the screams of her victims could be heard in the fire bases of American soldiers at night to put fear into their very souls. Hathcock tightened his grip around the stock of his Winchester rifle and centered the scope’s reticle on the woman’s chest. “Hold it. Don’t rush the shot,” he reminded himself. “Keep the cross hairs centered. Wait. Wait. Get her at the turn.”

That is just a taste of what’s in store for you when you read Charles Henderson’s book Marine Sniper: 93 Confirmed Kills. This amazing read takes you back to the Vietnam War with the story of Carlos “White Feather” Hathcocks life as a Marine Corp sniper. It will take you through his missions to kill the enemy and what it took to be one of the most famous / deadliest American snipers of the Vietnam era.

Carlos Hathcock was part of the inspiration for the 1993 Tom Berenger movie Sniper, that was loosely based on some of Hathcock's exploits in Vietnam. His inspiration was even behind the 2015 H2 documentary that depicted a sniper team that successfully reenacted the "through the scope" shot that White Feather did while tracking down and killing an VC (Viet Cong) sniper who was out to kill him and to the surviving of having a bounty placed on his head by the VC. The book also opens up to the reader the internal struggles of how a man can go from winning marksmen champion matches to the killing fields of Vietnam, from shooting targets to killing men. Men that would have gladly turned their weapons on his fellow soldiers.

The writer takes you from the comfort of your favorite reading chair and puts you in the jungles of Vietnam where you can almost feel the sweat from the humidity and heat of Southeast Asia to the biting of insects as you lay in a shooting blind with Carlos and his spotter. The writer even has the ability to make you feel something for some of the recipients of White Feathers aim. The way the VC forced a 12-year child to be a gun running mule to how a poor old farmer was forced by the VC to attack American fire bases at night with dilapidated weapons and how both paid the ultimate price. It is something that few books can do for me.

This book is a timeless inspiration for those seeking to excel in life and work. The examples set forth by Carlos as he conducted his missions, some secret and some not so secret. His approach to his profession is what made him excel and rise to the top of the heap. Everyone can learn from his example.

So, if you are looking for a book that when you start, that you just can’t put down, then get a copy of Charles Henderson’s book, Marine Sniper: 93 Confirmed Kills. It is hands down one of the best books I have ever read, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

"Happy reading to all."

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