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Interstate 75’s Best Mexican Restaurant: El Dorado Mexican Bar & Grill in Historic Forsyth, Georgia

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

El Dorado Mexican Restaurant and Historic Forsyth Ga

Mixing great food with history. When it comes to Mexican food, don’t get in my way, I love it. When it comes to experiencing history, I’m down with that as well. Now, when you can combine the two, great Mexican food and real small-town southern history together, then the small picturesque town of Forsyth, Georgia and the El Dorado Mexican Bar & Grill is a combination lovers dream come true.

If you will be traveling on interstate 75 in the Middle Georgia area, then a short stopover in Forsyth, Georgia needs to be a part of your plans. In Forsyth you can let the history buff inside you be free and your inner foodie come out at the same time and no one will be the wiser. You may have never heard of the small town of Forsyth or even the El Dorado Mexican restaurant located in Forsyth before, but let me tell you, just stop over in Forsyth for a few hours and you will want to go back for sure. How do I know? Well, it happened to me! So, let’s get it started.

The El Dorado Mexican Bar & Grill is located just off interstate 75 southbound at exit 186 about a ¼ mile off the road on the right at the Red Roof Inn. When you get there, park your car, get out and bring your appetite, because you’re going to need it.

As soon as you walk through the doors, the restaurants décor with its spacious seating areas, the large TV’s about, the sounds of soft Mexican music on the air and low, but not too low lighting and the neon lit bar just grabs you and says, come on in, sit down a spell and enjoy. You just know you are in for a good foodie experience.

The staff is friendly, and the seating is plentiful. You’ll start with a generous serving of chips and salsa, which may I say is some of the best salsa I’ve ever had. It’s so good, that you may just want to take an order to go when you leave. If you’re a southern sweet tea lover like I am, then the sweet tea is a must. Heck, I would stop off back there just for the tea. The food is excellent, the service is great, the atmosphere is just what you want, the bar is fully stocked, the margaritas are tasty, and the food prices are extremely reasonable. All-in-all, it is a Mexican “food lovers #1 stop” and as for me, “I’ll be back”, as Arnold said. The restaurant opens 6 days a week from 11:00 am to 21:30 Mon through Thru and till 22:00 on Fri and Sat. It is closed on Sundays. So, if you’re in the Forsyth area, then stop in and enjoy.

Historic Forsyth is a gem hidden off the main road. With a population of around 4,000, it is your classic small southern town. The town was laid out in 1823 and named in honor of one of Georgia’s governors, Mr. John Forsyth. At the heart of the town is the old Monroe County Courthouse that was built in 1896 and the old town square that once you arrive there takes you back to a bygone era with its many surviving examples of 19th-century architecture. Forsyth is also is the home of the Forsyth Confederate Cemetery where around 300 wounded soldiers died during the War Between the States which is just a few blocks from the town square. No battles were ever fought in the Forsyth area, but many a wounded soldier was treated at the confederate hospital in Forsyth from 1863 to 1864 during the fighting from North Georgia to Atlanta during Sherman’s bloody fire march to the sea.

The Forsyth Railroad Depots and Baggage Room that was built around 1850 is a still standing a few blocks south from the main square. It was built because of increased need and to help service the old Macon and Western Railroad. As you stand in the yard to the old depot storage room, you can just imagine the suffering of the men that were brought to such a little town to endure the pain, suffering and even the deaths of many a poor southern soldier defending his freedom and fighting to establish a new nation during the war. You can almost hear their moans of agony as they departed the trains and you can envision the stains of their blood as it dripped down onto the planks of the old depot from their poorly bound wounds as you stand there. An unforgettable experience for sure.

A few hours spent exploring the history of Forsyth and taking in the scenic beauty of the old town square and the little shops on the square is well worth the time and the adventure. If you are not from a small town, then historic Forsyth will give you a good taste of what it is like along with a good heaping flavor of the history of the little town of Forsyth, Georgia.

Well, there you have it folks. I truly hope that if you ever get the chance to stop off in the Forsyth, Georgia area, that you get to dine at the El Dorado Mexican Bar and Grill and that you get to spend a few hours exploring a wonderful small southern town, and as always -

“Happy trails my friends.”

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