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Happy Birthday USO (United Service Organizations) 79 Years and Counting

Ann Margaret Performing for the Troops 1966 Vietnam

For almost eight decades the USO (United Service Organizations) has been serving and entertaining Americas finest, our heroes of the United States Military. Happy Birthday USO. Thank you USO and thank you to all who work and support this fine American organization. Generations of military members have been the recipients of your outstanding support.

The 4th of February each year marks the official birthday of the USO. The non-profit United Services Organizations or USO as service members know it has been a main stay of service life for almost eight decades and any service member that has ever served overseas knows and loves the USO.

The USO gets its funding through philanthropy, corporate support and private donations and has thousands of volunteers working at USO facilities around the world. The USO is in almost every major theater of operations where U.S. Military members may find themselves, even in war zones where they provide a touch of home to our service members. The USO has facilities on our military bases and in many international airports as well as a place where military members can rest and relax while awaiting their next flight. You can find USO locations on their official site. Remember that the airport USO facilities are only for active duty personnel because of their limited funding. Vets, we can make our own way, and let our serving troops enjoy USO facilities in the airports.

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Some of my best memories of the USO has always been the entertainment provided by the USO with its celebrity and non-celebrity performers. It always made me think back to seeing Bob Hope and other Hollywood performers entertaining our troops in Vietnam as a child. Attending an USO performance no matter who the performers were, it was always a something to look forward to. That little touch of home or just making you forget where you were for a short time. Form Germany, to Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan, no matter where I was, I always wanted to go to the USO show when I could.

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We at Military Shout-Out.com want to also send out our best Military Shout-Out the USO and say in a giant voice “Happy Birthday” to the men and women that make the USO work so well for our service personnel and all that they do for them. The USO has a great history of supporting and entertaining Americas finest. Our service personnel appreciate everything that you do for them. I know I did when I was serving. So once again “Happy Birthday USO” and “thanks for the memories.” Keep it up for another 80 years and longer!

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