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Happy Birthday U.S. Coast Guard Reserve

U.S. Coast Guard Reserve

United States Coast Guard Reserve Birthday February 19, 1941: The proud man and women that serve in the United States Coast Guard Reserve are our friends and neighbors and are some of the best people in the world. The United States Coast Guard Reserve has served us in times of disaster and in times of war. They are not just a bunch of weekend sailors. They are the trained professionals of our seas and waterways that no one ever wants to need, but when needed, we are happy they are there. So, we all then can celebrate with them each 19 February as these great men and women celebrate the birthday of the United States Coast Guard Reserve. May Gob always bless them.

We at Military Shout-Out.com want to send out our best Military Shout-Out and a great big “Happy Birthday” greeting to the men and women that serve in the United States Coast Guard Reserve for all that they do in serving our nation. The United States Coast Guard Reserve has been serving us since their inception in 1941 prior to the start of World War II in the Coast Guard reserve and Auxiliary Act of February 19, 1941. During WWII Coast Guard Reserve members served on active duty conducting coastal patrols and conducting vital port security missions. The Coast Guard Reserve of today continues to build on that history of service to our great nation. Thank you to all that serve and have served the United States Coast Guard Reserve. Our country thanks you, we need you and we support you, “Happy Birthday.”

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The men and women of the Coast Guard Reserve live up to their motto “Professionalism, Patriotism, Preparedness!" every day that they serve. The United States Coast Guard Reserve assists us in times of disaster, floods, hurricanes and even with oil spills. They are there for all of us when needed or called upon. Coast Guard Reservists assist in search-and-recovery activities following plane crashes at sea, lost boats and ships, people falling over-board and other such search-and-recovery activities as well as guarding our waterways and ports in times of war or terrorist acts. The Coast Guard Reservists of today have many missions they perform on both land and sea than they did in WWII. They perform them well and with great pride.

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Coast Guard Reserve members typically serve side by side with full-time Coast Guard members during their two days a month and two weeks a year service. Coast Guard Reservist are trained to the same high standards as fulltime Coast Guard members are. They are examples of the best that we have to offer in the United States.

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We at Military Shout-Out just want to say thanks for being there to serve the United States and all of us, and for being there when needed. So, this February 19, join us and get out there and show your support Coast Guard Reservists no matter where they are. If nothing else but to just to say, “Happy Birthday Coast Guard Reserve” and “thank you.”

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