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Gameday Anywhere USA: College Football is in the Air

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Is it the roar of the crowd? The allure of the game? The smell of BBQ on the air or is it just the plain old joy of supporting your favorite college football team with family and friends that attracts so many of us to it? Or, is it, it’s not a bunch of highly paid Prima Donnas that can’t respect the flag? Well no matter the reason, “get out and support your favorite college team”.

Yeah, that’s right, we said it “get out and support your favorite college team”. Yes, do it now, get up, get online and get you some tickets and go. Take the family or a few friends and just go and enjoy. If you can’t get tickets or it may be too far for a one-day road trip, then plan a get-together BBQ and enjoy a game. Invite the family and or have some friends over, even better do both. Go to the local restaurant or bar that always has the game on and let your hair down and enjoy a game. These have been some of my best college game memories from my old barracks days or even in life after the military and I am sure for many of you as well.

If you have worked hard all week, or even if it’s been an easy one, or if it’s been a good week or a bad one. Just take the time to enjoy life a little as a college football fan. Maybe you’ve just gotten back from a field training exercise or a deployment. Then you owe yourself a few hours of college ball to help you relax and get it all behind you. College ball has a way of changing your outlook for the day or even the week ahead, even you just catch it on the radio.

So, it may not be a real traveling trip, but do make the best of the college football season by having some fun with those that matter most in life and always remember -

"Happy trails my friends."

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