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FBI FISC Abuses and Fear for Our Top Military Leaders and Deployed Service Members

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Inspector General Michael Horowitz's report on FBI FISC abuses demonstrates to all American military members either stationed at home or abroad about just how fragile their rights as American Citizens are with an FBI that is out of control.

If you are a senior military official, a deployed United States soldier, a military contractor, overseas worker or just an American living or visiting in another country, your privacy rights can and will most likely be at risk. At risk from both the country you are in and potentially from your own government as we now see. The release of the Inspector Generals, Michael Horowitz's report on FBI FISC (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court) abuses is an eye opener for all of us. The report clearly shows how FBI Sr. Management officials took it upon themselves to deliberately violate an Americans constitutional rights using the secret FISC Court to spy on that American, a presidential candidate and a former American general. The IG laid out how FBI Director James Comey and his team ignored exculpatory evidence, used a Hillary Clinton and Democrat paid for piece of trash opposition research from a foreign entity, and even changed information on emails to convince the FISC Court to let them conduct their spying activities. Yes, I know that the people that did this call it surveillance. Let’s be real here, the very essence of surveillance is spying. If we are surveilling a bad guy somewhere in the world, or surveilling North Koreas missile sites, it is spying. I don’t care what you call it. We are spying/surveilling them to see what they are doing and what information we can gain for our use. The FBI used their misrepresentations and an outright lie with the FISC Court in order to get permission to wiretap an American. The act of wiretapping someone is spying. If the FBI or police were wiretapping you, what would you call it?

James Comey and his team also tried to set up a former United States Army Lieutenant General and at the time National Security Advisor to the then presidential candidate Donald Trump in a briefing he attended. The FBI had used an agent to deliver an intelligence briefing on guarding against foreign interference to gather evidence against both the candidate and the general by taking notes on incriminating statements that either may have said during the said briefing. The FBI also did not inform the then candidate Trump of this at the time. Would you call that spying? Although both presidential candidates were given almost the same briefing by the FBI, Hillary Clinton was informed of Russia’s interference while the Trump campaign was not and the Trump campaign was being spied upon by the very same FBI agents giving the briefings without telling candidate Trump. In other words, the FBI used the briefing for the collection of evidence against a presidential candidate and a retired general. I know of no other example of this happening in American history.

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The actions taken by the James Comey and the FBI demonstrates an at that time an FBI that was out of control under the leadership, or should I say non-leadership of then Director James Comey. Our military members serving at home and abroad now have to be mindful of every word they say when communicating from abroad or to abroad. Military top brass will now have to be fearful of Big Brother listening in on their conversations to foreign leaders more now than in the past while performing their roles. In the backs of their minds, they will be thinking, is the FBI or some other agency listening in or are they trying to trap me because of a position or person that I may be affiliated with. Is Big Brother trying to use me and anything I say to take down someone else as was the case with the FBI spying on American Carter Page from a political campaign they did not like and that they wanted to fail so Hillary Clinton would be elected President. Any senior military official or service member serving abroad now will have to fear this for a long time to come. A sad situation no less.

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Along with the issuance of the IG report, the now director of the FBI Christopher Wray has pledged to ensure that this does not happen again. We can be assured that the FBI will not do this again, at least in the short term. Ok, Mr. Wray, but this is not the first time the FBI has done this type of spying on Americans. The FBI had a bad history of doing exactly these types of actions under a previous FBI director. Most notably J. Edgar Hoover when he had FBI agents spying on Americans like John Kennedy and M.L.K. Hopefully the new FBI Director has and is taking actions to help prevent this type of spying on Americans for political reasons in the future as he as stated. We all can at least be assured that for a short time anyway, that this will not happen again. However, how long will it be before the memory of James Comey and what his team did fades away and another director does the same types of spying? We let slip the memory of J. Edgar Hoovers actions, and now we have James Comey’s actions. I hope it will be never, but history has proven otherwise.

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Congress needs to set up a watchdog agency that does not answer to the President to ensure that this never happens again. Not just with the FBI, but within all agencies of the United States government. Congress has failed us here as well as the FBI. Congress enacted the FISA system and now they need to ensure that it can not be manipulated again by an agency of the government like the FBI ever again. The targeting of a presidential candidate and a former general by a governmental agency with FISA approved wiretapping must be stopped without a 100% clear cut case of criminal or treasonous wrong doing. This was not the case here with Donald Trump or Gen. Flynn, it was just the opposite. The FBI had and hide clear proof that it was not. Our troops, our military leaders or even former military leaders serving abroad or communicating abroad should never ever have to fear their own government again when they are communicating.

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