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Democrats Reduced to Calling Each Other “ist” Words While Trying to Replace Commander-in-Chief

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If you thought that the Democrats were only allowed to call Republicans and our Commander-in-Chief “ists”, you know their old reliable words like “racists, misogynists”, or any other “ist” words that humankind has ever come up with, you would be wrong.

The Democrats are failing right now in their attempt to replace Donald J. Trump as our Commander-in-Chief for all to see right before our very eyes. We haven’t seen anything like this since the 1968 Democrat Convention riots. They are in full off tailspin mode right now and they are falling quickly into the deep dark pit, or dare I say the black hole of Democrat despair with their victimhood psychosis. The Democrats and the DNC are in the middle of trying to rig their own primary elections against their own far-Left-wing socialist contenders such as Sanders, Buttigieg and Warren like they did against Sanders in 2016 when they wanted that anti-military queen, old Miss Hilary to win. They are even now resorting to their old fake racist, misogynist and other “ists” playbook pages that they have used for years now on Republicans and on Donald Trump for the last 4 years to keep women and black voters voting for them, but this time they have their own Democrats in their sights as well as the President.

With the rise of the far Left-winger extremists in their party, the Democrats and the DNC have now been reduced to turning on their own by calling each other any “ist” words that they can dream up in their nightmare of a primary that they, the DNC has lost control of. This is a sure sign of desperation on the part of the Democrats and the DNC that they know that they have no one who can go up against the President and win this November.

Democrats and the DNC must be under the illusion that this will work for them because they think we, the voters will not be able to see through their phony “ist” words accusations that they are fuming out right now like a volcano in full eruption mode about each other as well as the President. Well, we can see right through it. If everyone is an “ist”, then no one is an “ist” following the Democrats failed attempt at logic here.

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This is clearly the case now as anyone can see as that CNN and Sen. Elisabeth Warren has opened the “can of internal Democrat “ist” worms” when she and CNN tried to label old Bernie Sanders as a misogynist by saying that he said a woman could not win an election for the presidency. Now with Sen. Warren and CNN leading the way in the “ists” word war of labels with their misogynist attacks on the old socialist Bernie Sanders, the other Democrats have now taken that page from both Sen. Warren and CNN and are now turning it on Michael Bloomberg as they are starting to call him a racist and a misogynist because of some of his past remarks about women, crime and black people. Who will be the next Democrat “ist” to be attacked?

You can bet the bank with 100% certainty, that they, the Democrat candidates and the DNC are spending millions of dollars right now on opposition research of each other looking for any little or for that matter any big thing that one of them may have said in the past that they can twist into an “ist” word to use. They want to use it so that they can label each other an “ist” word of some sort to make themselves look better. Like this is somehow going to get women and blacks to vote for them. It is a very profitable time now to be an opposition researcher for the Democrats. Identity politics will be the only clear path forward that the Democrats will have between now and until the election in November. That is because of the prosperity the country is experiencing and the rebuilding of our great Military that the country is seeing now under 45, President Donald J. Trump, our great Commander-in-Chief.

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None of this is going to play out well for the Democrats this November, none of it. The DNC should have come out and denounced the extremist Left-wingers in their party like Bernie, AOC and her squad two years ago when they had the chance, then maybe, just maybe they would not be in this drastic disarray that they are in now

It is very apparent that the Democrats can’t see because of their blind hatred of the President that this course of action will only work to help suppress their own voters and any of the one or two independent voters that may still be undecided in November. The politics of racial division, victimhood and hating the military and veterans that supports their Commander-in-Chief that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats so willingly displayed during the State of the Union Address with their rude actions and Nancy Pelosi tearing up her copy of the SOTU speech like a spoiled child. Then there is the hatred that they demonstrate for anyone that has become successful in America today by working hard, starting a business, saving their money and or investing their money properly. None of this is going to play out well for the Democrats this November, none of it. The DNC should have come out and denounced the extremist Left-wingers in their party like Bernie, AOC and her squad two years ago when they had the chance, then maybe, just maybe they would not be in this drastic disarray that they are in now that we can all see.

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From now until the Democratic Convention in Milwaukee this July it is going to be a must see for free, free-for-all name calling, knockdown drag out fight. Everyone is going to be an “ist” word in this new Democrat nightmare as the Democrat party splits into between the extremist Left-wingers of the Democrat party and the so-called moderate Left-wingers. Is there even such a person as a moderate Left-winger? I’m not sure. This may even turn the Democratic Convention into a nasty and I mean nasty floor fight over a failed socialist candidate to try and run against the President in July. Time will tell for sure, but it will be interesting to watch.

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The Democratic party with its embrace of the extremist far Left-wingers is quickly turning off their remaining even headed voters that had helped keep them in power for so many years. As we have seen in the last two primary states, the Democrats voter turnout has been down. Many of their traditional voters will either stay home this November, or they will vote for the President and the great economy we are having. Democrats are spending about 90% of their time talking race and victimhood and very little about policies to help the, country, the military, our veterans and other Americans. They have forgotten the country and all of us right now. Their only thoughts right now are about regaining their power, and not us.

Here’s an idea, maybe, just maybe, that is because they don’t have any ideas as the President has taken way too many issues off the table with his successful policies for the last three plus years and now all that they have is this petty made up identity politics narrative that they pursue. Well, good luck with that this November!

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