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Democrats Give POTUS the Gift of Acquittal and Now Onto the State of the Union Address

With the impeachment acquittal vote set for one day after the Presidents State of the Union address, Nancy Pelosi and her hand-picked team of Democrat Impeachment Managers Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler and the other Democrat partisan House impeachment managers will have given the President a giant win. He will deliver the State of the Union with his impeachment acquittal at hand as the Nation and the world watches.

When the President of the United States Donald J. Trump walks into Congress this week to deliver his as always powerful State of the Union address to the nation, he will do so with the wind in his sails and a Democrat partisan impeachment all but behind him as the House impeachment managers sank their own case in front of the Senate for the last two weeks. The nation and the world will be watching to hear his plans to help the country to continue to thrive for the rest of the year, thus setting the stage for his re-election in November. Everyone will also be looking on to see how the Democrats will receive the President after their failed impeachment sham and how the Democrats will behave as he delivers his State of the Union address to the nation.

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If past performances by Democrats are indicators for what the nation will see Wednesday night during the President’s State of the Union address, then the Democrats will be in 100% defiance mode of the President and everything good he has to say. The Democrats will have something up their sleeves for sure, so we can expect a few surprises as well. The Democrats have no interest in seeing the President deliver a powerful State of the Union address that is going to explain to the nation the great state of our union after three years of his excellent leadership. What is good for the country and President Donald J. Trump is going to be bad for the Democrats in their hopes and dreams of regaining their power back this November. Because, it’s all about their power, not how well the country is doing. They can be counted on to put that on full throttle, wide open, give it a gallon display this Wednesday night during the President’s State of the Union address to the full session of Congress.

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Everyone knows how the President loves to talk up the economy and our best in the world United States Military that he so dearly loves. The President will lay out the current status of the world’s best economy, the best unemployment for all Americans stats with the lowest unemployment numbers in last 50 plus years, the rise in manufacturing across the country when the last administration (President Obama) said that manufacturing in the United States was gone forever, that it was dead and that Donald Trump needed a magic wand to bring that back. Well, I guess he used his magic wand. The President will also talk to the nation about the increases in wages for lower and middle-income earners that they are seeing in their paychecks, the tax cuts that we all are enjoying and the highest stock market results in history that so many millions of Americas are enjoying right now in their 401k’s.

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The United States economy has never been better and we have the lowest veteran’s unemployment rate in decades. We all remember how the elite economists said back in 2016 that the stock market and the economy would crash and burn if Donald Trump was elected president? Well, in the end, that turned out to be just some of the big lies that they used to try and scare voters into to not voting for Donald Trump. Those as well as many of their other big lies backfired on them. Now they all have had egg on their faces for three plus solid years and they will not like hear that.

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The President will also tout the rebuilding of our great American military that has taken place so that they can face down our enemy’s and other threats to the nation after the eight years of Obama’s efforts at dismantling of the military and making the country weaker abroad. The President will also address the current state of world affairs under his leadership and how the United States is on top and leading from the front again, not the failed leading from behind as the last administration did. The President will also bask in the joy of having taken out two leading terrorists in the last few months that were responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans and many thousands of people in the Middle East and around the world.

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The Democrats at the State of the Union address will show their disdain for the President at every opportunity as well as their disdain for all that the President has done to improve the lives of all Americans. That is a given. They can’t be seen as supporting any of that. The Democrats will of course try to show some kind of fake solidarity for a few of their fake talking points. I am sure that the Democrats will try and pull some kind of a crazy stunt like they did last year with female Democrats all dressing in white and looking like a bunch of sad chickens all lined up at the local processing plant to become chicken nuggets for Chick-fil-A.

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It will be both sad and interesting at the same time to watch and just see how bad the Democrats and their leader Nancy Pelosi are going to make themselves look this year at the State of the Union address, but they will do it anyway. They can’t control themselves. It’s who they are. The Democrats will try to play to their base Wednesday night for sure, hoping to appease the far-left nut cases in their party. But, if old Bernie Sanders wins this week in Iowa, the Democrat party and the DNC will be in shear panic mode with both Bernie winning on the extreme far left and the President winning in middle and on the right in the same darn week. The Democrats and the DNC are going to feel like they have been trapped in one of General Pattons pincer movements if or when both of these comes to pass. They will have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide and they will get super stupid over the next few months for sure trying to stop Bernie.

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Well, by the end of Wednesday night, we all will have a better picture for sure of how it all went down. Did Bernie upset the Democrat Party and the DNC by winning in Iowa? Then we will also know just how bad and or nasty the Democrats made themselves look during the President’s State of the Union address. Nancy Pelosi and friends have proven time and time again over the last three years just how little they think of the people that voted for the President, the military and the Presidents winning results for all Americans and how great the country is doing under President Trumps leadership. Both at home and abroad.

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The Democrats will pull out all of their pretend playing cards this week as well. You know the ones they use all the time, the racism, bigot, xenophobe, misogynist and any other nist that they can dream up cards. They will all put on the I am disturbed show this week with their bad Academy Awards performances Wednesday night. They will also all be crying like an out of control two-year-old about the Senates acquittal of the President and how that it’s not a real acquittal. The good news is that we all get to watch them implode, go nuts, say the dumbest things and jump off the deep end for free. Yes, for free I said. It will all be seen live at no charge whatsoever, and no matter how bad it will make them look or how sad it will be for Democrats, the country and the world will be observing them.

So, turn the lights down low, get a bowl of popcorn and a shot of Jack or two or three. Then set back, relax and enjoy the Democrats Looney Tunes show at the State of the Union address.

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