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Charleston, South Carolina: CV-10 The USS Yorktown Patriots Point Mount Pleasant, SC

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

The US Navy aircraft carrier USS Yorktown (CV-10) during the Marcus Island raid on 31 August 1943. US Naval History and Heritage Command

From WWII to Vietnam, from Marcus Island, the Wake Islands, Iwo Jima and Luzon. From being the filming platform for the great Charlton Heston film Tora! Tora! Tora! to the recovery of Apollo 8 in 1968 till her retirement in 1970 then to her final new home in Charleston, the USS Yorktown is a wonder to behold.

Beautiful Charleston, South Carolina or with its moniker the Holy City (because of the numerous church steeples dotting its downtown skyline) is a wonderful place to venture off to. As well as being one of the first cities in the original 13 colonies Charleston just gives you a feeling of stepping back in time just a little. Charleston was originally founded as Charles Town (to honor King Charles II of England) has a lot to offer visitors. Charleston is just packed full of history from its beginning in 1670 to the Revolutionary War and giving the Royal Navy its first defeat in almost a century at the Battle of Sullivan’s Island to the very first shots of the War Between the States at Fort Sumter and now to the modern city of today. Charleston is a must visit city.

If you are a WWII buff, then all the better. CV -10 the USS Yorktown is docked at Patriots Point Mount Pleasant, SC and is a must-see visit. The USS Yorktown was the tenth aircraft carrier to serve in the United States Navy that was commissioned on April 15, 1943. This Essex-class carrier was a key player in the pacific theater of war that helped to defeat the Japanese in 1945. Remember, the original USS Yorktown CV-5 was sunk at the Battle of Midway in 1942 by the Japanese. CV -10 was being constructed as the USS Bonhomme Richard to pay homage to John Paul Jones, but had her name was later changed to the USS Yorktown in honor of the original Yorktown after her sinking.

The USS Yorktown saw service from 1943 till her retirement and decommissioning in 1970. From WWII where she received the Presidential Unit Citation and earned 11 battle stars to Vietnam earning another 5 battle stars. From Island Hopping to Marcus Island, the Wake Islands, Iwo Jima and even Luzon, she saw her fair share of action. The USS Yorktown was also the filming platform for part of the great Charlton Heston's classic WWII film Tora! Tora! Tora! then on to her recovery of the Apollo 8 space capsule and its astronauts in 1968, till her retirement then being decommissioned in 1970 where she was placed in reserve to her now final new home at Patriots Point in 1975 as a museum ship. The USS Yorktown is a “wonder to behold”. The USS Yorktown has a displacement of over 10,000 tons at a length of 888 feet and could travel at 30+ knots for around 14,000 nautical miles and able to carry 90 to 100 planes.

A day trip to the USS Yorktown will not set the wallet back at all. Entrance fees start at $24 dollars adults, $19 for seniors to 16 for children 6 to 11. You can almost feel the roar of her engines in the Engine Room its interactive kiosks. You can get a firsthand look at what it must have been like for the crews serving in her. You can explore her hangers with vintage aircraft from WWII to more modern birds. You can have a cup of coffee and a snack while the kids explore this wonderful ship. Heck, you can even spend the night aboard this great ship. From the minute you step on to her deck till the moment you leave, you will gain a feeling for what those that severed aboard her experienced and the pride they had putting this massive ship into action against her enemy’s. It is a trip that I have made more than once and will do again. We hope that you have as great time visiting her as we have.

"Happy trails friends" and a trip to the USS Yorktown will be a very happy one for you and the whole family!

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