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A Great Big Military Shout-Out to The Royal British Legion Supporting United Kingdom Veterans

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

UK Remembrance: “We will remember them” The Royal British Legion is there to help members of the Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force, veterans and their families and is at the heart of a national network that supports the United Kingdom Armed Forces community.

We at Military Shout-Out.com want to send out a great big Shout-Out to the Royal British Legion for all that they do in supporting the UK’s great military heroes. Military Shout-Out.com supports the Royal British Legion and we 100% agree that they (the UK’s finest) must not be forgotten. The Royal British Legion offers a wide range of support to those who serve and have served in the British Armed Forces with services from care and independent living, physical and mental wellbeing, financial and employment through their community of connections with their members and volunteers with expert assistance and guidance. The Royal British Legion does this support for their armed forces heroes through donations, poppy raffles, poppy lotteries and sales through their Poppy Shop which offers a verity of poppy items from poppy pins, poppy shopping bags and the sale of their 75th D-Day pin sets. You can help support the Royal British Legion at their Poppy Store.

The Royal British Legion helps to ease the burden of financial pressures and transition into back into civilian life after service. The Legion provides specialist compensation advice, help with debt, emergency situations, and can support members through grant applications. The Royal British Legion helps members with expert recovery needs, rehabilitation services and much-needed breaks away as many are in need of this. The Royal British Legion supports the legions recovery center, helps recovery through various arts programs, the Invictus Games and crisis support as needed as well we providing lifelong support to the UK’s Armed Forces community and their families. The Royal British Legion helps to provide dedicated care homes for older veterans, helps to support caregivers, helps ex-serving personnel and their families to live safely at home through independent living programs. The legions teams can provide practical support, advice and guidance to make sure Armed Forces members have access to their needed services they deserve.

The Royal British Legion sticks with their Armed Forces members through thick and thin while ensuring their unique contributions to the UK are never forgotten. The Royal British Legion is one of the UK’s largest Armed Forces charities, with 235,000 members, 110,000 volunteers and a network of partners and charities helping to give support wherever and whenever its needed. That support starts after an Armed Forces member has seven days of service and continues through life, long after that service is over.

The legion is dedicated to supporting not only serving and ex-serving personnel but the whole of the Armed Forces community, including dependents and caregivers. This includes:

  • Serving personnel, or those who have previously served, who have received seven days’ pay and were aged 16 or over at the time of service.

  • Reserve or Auxiliary personnel, or those who have previously served.

  • Those who have served with the Mercantile Marine afloat in hostile waters.

  • Current or previous full-time members of Allied Civil Police Forces.

  • Those entitled to the campaign medal issued to the Royal Navy, Army or Royal Air Force to those giving them direct support or under their command.

  • Any member of Voluntary Aid Societies who has served full-time and in uniform in direct support of the United Kingdom Armed Forces.

  • Any British subject (by birth or otherwise) who has served at least seven days in the Forces of an Allied nation and received seven days' pay from that nation.

  • Any British subject (by birth or otherwise) who served in a resistance organization of an Allied nation during hostilities in which the United Kingdom Armed Forces were engaged.

  • Any person who served in the Home Guard for at least six months, or in a Bomb and Mine Disposal Unit for at least three months.

  • Any person who was awarded the Defense Medal in respect of service in the Home Guard or in a Bomb and Mine Disposal Unit.

The Royal British Legion also provides support for Commonwealth citizens who are residents in the UK as well as past and present members of the Brigade of Gurkhas and their families. Dependents can include children, spouses and partners, including widows or widowers. Other dependents also include relatives, those living with serving or ex-serving personnel or those dependent on them. Caregivers are those who have an ongoing caregiving responsibility for someone in the Armed Forces community.

The Royal British Legion has 96 branches outside the United Kingdom. Just because a member is not based in the UK, it doesn't mean that they won’t help.

You can visit the Royal British Legion at their website The Royal British Legion.

If you wish to assist the legion with their fundraising then please Donate here.

So, please take the time to visit the legions website and see what you can do.

Here at Military Shout-Out.com we want to say thank you to the legion and show our support for the Royal British Legion along with everyone out there who supports them in their worthy mission of supporting those that have served the UK. Out hats are off to the Royal British Legion as well as a great big Military Shout-Out from us to the legion.

Thank you, Royal British Legion for all that you do and have done.

Godspeed to the Royal British Legion and our best wishes with our greatest hopes that the legion will always be there to support those who serve and have severed the UK so valiantly. Thank You!

To visit and help the Royal British Legion at their website and “Show Your Support.” and to Donate.

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