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A Big Military Shout-Out to the UK’s Kevin Huckins Who found the WWII ID Tag of an American Soldier

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

An American soldiers WWII era ID tag found near Eynsham Hall in Oxfordshire, England may soon find its way home some 76 years late thanks to Mr. Kevin Huckins in the United Kingdom.

We at Military Shout-Out.com wish to give Mr. Kevin Huckins from the UK our warmest of shout-outs for not only finding the lost ID tag, but for taking on the almost impossible task of trying to return it to the family of the soldier who lost it during WWII. The ID tag that once belonged to a Mr. Luroy Garrett (serial number 38219124) was found near what was once a WWII rest and recuperation center during the war.

Mr. Huckins is seeking to return the tag and it does offer some clues to assist in finding the family. The tag has the soldiers name and serial number as well as the date of his tetanus injection, and the name and address of his next of kin, a Mrs. James A. Hall from Waco, Texas. If you know anyone that may be related to Mr. Garrett or of a Mrs. Hall from Waco, Texas in the 1940’s, please assist in the returning of this very important family memento.

Our hats are off to Mr. Huckins for taking on this very touching gesture in trying to return the tag to the rightful family. He is working with a museum to help locate the family of Mr. Garrett and we hope that the family is found soon so the tag can finally take its long 76-year voyage home.

Thank you, Mr. Huckins for your efforts and please accept our warmest of shout-outs to you for what you are doing to return the tag to its home so far away.

As they say in the UK “Cheers Mate.”

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