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2020 Elections and the Dead Veterans Vote

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Democrats and the mainstream media outlets tell us after every election that voter fraud does not exist with or without proof, but each election cycle there are found thousands of dead people still on voter rolls across the country and on all these voter rolls you will find the names of dead veterans. How many of those dead veterans are preparing to cast their ballots in 2020?

2020 is already shaping up to be a very interesting year for sure. Now that Democrats have taken their partisan vote to impeach the Commander-in-Chief and yet they still have not even sent the articles of impeachment to the Senate for a trial. Whatever happened to the Democrats saying that this was urgent, a matter of national security and that the 2020 elections were in jeopardy? They had to impeach the president quickly they said. No time for due process and fairness when it comes to this president. No time to go to court to help support their obstruction of Congress article against a president exercising his rights under the Constitution of executive privilege. Well, that is all out the window now as they try to diminish the Senate’s upcoming acquittal of the President after they do submit their highly partisan and rushed (the fastest in history) House impeachment of a sitting president. The House did not even prove that the President even committed a crime much less meet their constitutional Article II requirements to prove that the President committed any high crimes and misdemeanors. The Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi knows this, or she should have been at least advised of the fact by her staff of the lack of evidence anyway. Maybe they are too partisan to see through the clouds of smoke they have produced, who knows for sure? This is all going to play itself out before the 2020 election.

Can’t Let Facts Stand in the Way of Impeachment

The House under Nancy Pelosi’s controlling fingers still has not moved on many important actions for Americans like heath care and the replacing of Obamacare that has failed, the cost of prescription drugs, badly needed infrastructure improvements, the helping of small businesses by eliminating burdensome regulations, passing more tax relief and tax reform not only for small businesses but for all Americans in general. These issues will now start to take up more concern from citizens as the Democrat primaries start to come up over the next several months, as Democrats conduct more debates, as citizens look to see which party is really going to do something about these issues or will we just get more of what we had in 2019 with a do nothing Democrat controlled House of Representatives. I tend to think it will be the latter, more do nothing from the Democrat controlled House of Representatives.

The Semper Fi Fund

One thing we all can see is how the Democrats will say and do anything to regain their lost power from the 2016 election. If you can’t, then let me explain what you will see and hear for the next 10 months from the Democrat war machine for you.

Over the next 10 plus months until the November election. You will see many dirty tricks played by Democrats, and of course their infamous October surprise. I am sure they are working on that one already. Then of course you will also see all their standard race baiting tactics and you will hear all the name calling such as racist, bigot, xenophobe, misogynist and any other “ist” that they can come up with as well as the misleading political campaign ads. As these things will come to pass as sure as the sun sets in the west. You can darn well bet that there will be some dead veterans voting in 2020.

Democrats Give Our Troops a Lump of Coal for Christmas

Now, with all that said as the lead in here, let’s get back to the point at hand. Dead veteran voters. It is very hard to quantify voter fraud and the numbers of dead people that vote each election cycle. There are studies out there from both sides of the issue and it is hard to really get a grip on them or to tell which ones are conducted by partisans of a side. The Pew Center on the States says that there are more than 1.8 million dead people registered to vote. How many votes were cast under these peoples names? We do have examples from various states of this happening, but exact numbers can't be determined. The Pew Center also states that there or at least 24 million voter registrations that are either inaccurate or that they are invalid. How many of these cast their votes as well?

The mainstream media plays this down, underreports it or just doesn’t report about it all. Both sides of the aisle try to turn voter fraud in their favor. Democrats want to deny it as they are usually the recipients of these votes and Republicans want to expose it. Which side is correct here? We can't 100% say.

The Star-Spangled Banner Our National Anthem

No matter what side of this issue you are on here, let us all agree that any votes cast by dead people to include dead veterans is too many. It does not matter what the actual number of dead peoples votes cast are. If it is one or one hundred thousand. There is one thing we all can be assured of and that is as long as we stay divided on this issue, we will never know the true extent of the problem and therefore we will never solve the issue.

We may never know for sure so long as we keep playing politics with the issue and do nothing to address or prevent voter fraud.

There is another point to remember here and that is with power of the presidency at stake this November, that there will be people tempted to sway the election one way or the other. There will be voter fraud in Democrat primary elections as we saw in the 2016 primaries with the DNC actively favoring one candidate over the other to downright voter fraud in voting. Then there is the general election and you can be totally 100% assured that there will be fraud in the general election as well as we still have done nothing as a nation to prevent or discourage voter fraud. The real question is, how many dead veterans and other dead citizens will cast their vote in 2020? Who knows, and we may never know for sure so long as we keep playing politics with the issue and do nothing to address or prevent voter fraud.

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