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15 Super Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Monthly Food Bill


"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Benjamin Franklin

It does not matter if you are in the military or not or what your position or rank is. It even does not matter what your weekly or monthly salary is. Saving money is something all of us needs to do. I don’t care how much your salary is, the most important thing you can do for yourself or your family is, is to save a portion of that salary each and every month. As our quote from Benjamin Franklin tells us, we have to invest in our knowledge first, before we can see an interest.

So, let’s invest in our knowledge on how to save money on your monthly food bill. For the purposes of this article we will only look at our monthly grocery bill and not about dining out as we will save that for another time. When we look at how we can stretch our salary or your military pay, saving on your monthly grocery bill is a great way, even if you’re not in the military. Spending wisely at the supermarket must be at or close to the top of our list when it comes to saving money because we all have to eat and eating out is expensive. For many, making is easy, but how you spend that money is the thing we have to learn. You spend time and money learning your profession, so learn to keep more of your money by buying wisely. How much money you have left over at the end of the pay period is what matters the most and what you save all depends on how YOU Spend Money?

The Semper Fi Fund

Buying food at the supermarket sounds easy, but before you know, you can overspend and blow your budget before you know it. So, let us look at 15 super easy ways to save money on your monthly food bill.

1. Never go to the supermarket when you are hungry. Always try to plan you trip to the supermarket after you have eaten a meal. Grocery shopping on an empty stomach leads to impulse buying. “Oh, that candy bar sure does look tasty.” So, don’t do it. If you go after a meal you will be thinking less about food and more about getting just what you need. Plus, it is a great way to walk off a few calories after a meal.

2. Make a grocery shopping list so you know exactly what and how much of an item you need. Stick to the list when you get there, don’t let those wondering eyes lead you to buying something you don’t need. Look the pantry and fridge over and make your list as you go. Write down the approximate quantities or sizes needed as well.

3. Pass up the brand name and buy the store brands to save money. Buying store brands for your basic food items still gets you quality food but at just a little cheaper price. Compare the brand and the store brand of course and most of the time you will go with the store brand as there almost identical except for the price. If your shopping for a family, this can add up quickly.

4. Use coupons every chance you can. A wise man saves his money, so don’t feel like you have to worry about what someone behind you may be thinking. There are many sources of coupons out there from the internet, newspapers if your area still has one, magazines, and heck, you can even find them at times in the supermarket. Many supermarkets will have special coupon days where they double and sometimes triple the discount. What’s the old saying “a penny saved is a penny earned.”

5. Become a Sam’s Club member and buy items in larger quantities. This is great for long life shelf items for your pantry such as canned good and pastas. Maybe your planning a BBQ, Sam’s Club is a great place to stock up on meats for any BBQ.

6. Plan your meals and proportion sizes. Try to avoid over cooking as much as possible. Cook only what you need for that meal unless you are like me and you love leftovers. If you are the leftover king like me, then ensure you don’t leave them leftover for too long. By planning your meals and proportions you will not need as much food and produce less food waste.

7. Supermarket sales as these are great ways to save a few bucks. Look for any sales your market is offering, but however, beware that many times markets will sell food that is just about to hit its sell-by date at cheaper prices. If you do buy, ensure you know the use the items before they expire on you.

8. Comparison shopping can save you as well. Compare the same items at different supermarkets in your area. Learn which markets offer you the best chance at saving. Use the internet as an easy way to check prices or just get out of the sleeper chair and spend a little time getting to know your local markets. You may be surprised what you find and how much you can save.

9. Avoid the pre-packaged meals. They cost more and they never taste as good as they look in the picture or as good when you make the meal yourself.

10. Avoid using credit cards in supermarkets as usually they come with a finance charge unless you pay off the balance in full each month. Use a debit card or cash. I prefer cash as I can only spend what I have in my pocket, so never carry too much cash. Only what you need.

11. Have a weekly and or monthly grocery budget, and then stick to it.

12. Never buy over the counter medications at a supermarket. I don’t care if it’s just aspirin. Supermarkets have a high mark-up on over the counter medications. Go to a pharmacy.

13. Never buy soaps, shampoos or cosmetics at the supermarket. These too have high mark-ups in supermarkets.

14. Buy your fresh fruits and vegetables in season. Off season buying comes with higher prices. Find the local farmers market and you will always save over market prices. Buy in quantity at the farmers market and can the extra vegetables for the winter months. It’s a great way to save and you also learn a new skill.

15. Keep your receipts for the month. You never know when there may be a recall, or you find a problem with something you have bought. Having your receipts can make for easier returns.

There you go folks, 15 super easy ways to save money on your monthly food bill. If you just remember what Ben Franklin told us when he said to make an investment in your knowledge, your knowledge of saving money on your monthly food bill. I am sure you will find many other ways to save as well, not only these here. Then you will always have money when you need it. So good luck and get out there and learn to save.

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